Industry Leaders for Over 20 Years

photo of Paul and Leslie Wilton, founders and owners of InstaShelves and Dynamic Display Systems.

 InstaShelves was born of necessity, the unique collaboration of artist and inventor. The owners are artist, Leslie Wilton, and master machinist and inventor, Paul Wilton. We created InstaShelves Portable Display Shelves initially for a client who wanted to display the maximum amount of product in the minimum amount of space.  Instashelves is designed to fulfill all the needs of the traveling exhibitor. 

Portable collapsible bookcase, 10' long x 6' high x 1' deep natural aluminum with black shelf liners.  Portable shelf display

We do NOT believe in designed obsolescence (unlike most manufacturers). We believe in creating a quality product that will serve you well for your entire career.  No need to keep re-investing in displays that don’t work for you. We have designed InstaShelves to make your life on the road as simple and easy as it gets. 

portable collapsible bookcase metal shelving 6' long x 6' high x 1' deep, natural aluminum with art glass products

We are a woman-owned and veteran-run business. Our parent corporation, Dynamic Display Systems has been the industry leader in portable, collapsible trade show displays for over 20 years. We invite you to peruse the website and see what we can do for you. We are here to answer your questions and are reachable most anytime.